This is a degree programme which aimed to educate energetic, innovative, committed and caring individuals to become leaders in providing primary care in collaboration with doctors, especially in the under-served areas of Zambia in order to expand health care access for the people of Zambia. This programme intends also to improve the academic potentials of clinical officers from diploma to degree level so that they will be more efficient in handling health challenges of the 21st century.
Entry requirements
O Level Entry:

Five “O” levels including biology, chemistry or physics, mathematics, and English with a full School certificate at O’ level.

Pre-medical year at other universities:

Candidates who have successfully completed the pre-medical year (s) in biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics at other recognised universities. The candidate must have attained a grade of B or better in all subjects and not have failed or repeated any courses.

Work experience in a health related field:

Candidates with considerable life experience in a health related field may be considered provided they have served for at least two years. Candidates admitted in this category may get exemptions from some subjects provided they have passed the admissions test.

Age Limit:

Students must be at least 17 years of age at the time they start the clinical medicine degree course. There is no upper age limit, however, Eden University BSc CM programme will take account of the length of training (approximately 5 years) in relation to the length of service the candidate could provide.

Health requirements:

All students offered a place in the BSc CM programme must provide a satisfactory general medical report from a registered medical practitioner (doctor) before they can be admitted.

Criminal records disclosure:

Admission is subject to the Zambian laws regarding child protection and police checks. It is also considered important to ensure that an applicant's attitudes and values are such that he or she can reasonably be admitted to the health profession. Applicants will therefore be required to undertake a police check through the provisions of the Data Protection Act and provide Eden University with a police clearance.

Course Description

The courses are organized at five (5) different and spiraling levels numbered I-V. Generally, the courses at an earlier level are pre-requisite for the understanding of courses at the next (higher) level.

Level I Courses: These consist of the basic sciences (natural sciences courses) whose knowledge is generally regarded as important in the understanding of the content of the courses in the various parts of the curriculum. They consist of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Computer literacy.

Level II Courses: These consist of biomedical sciences addressing normal body tissues and systems. They include Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Immunology, Basic Microbiology and Parasitology, and Basic Pharmacology among others.

Level III Courses: These include the pathologies and applied aspects of the various biomedical sciences, Behavioral/communication sciences as well as clinical sciences.

Level IV Courses: These include Clinical courses and rotations in the various Clinical disciplines and research project.

Level V Courses: These consist exclusively of Clerkship.


The duration of the Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine (BSc CM) degree programme shall extend over a period of five (5) years (inclusive of the natural science and clerkship). Each academic year shall be divided into three (3) terms. Therefore the duration of the BSc CM programme shall normally be equivalent to fifteen (15) terms.

Exam Procedure

Students shall be exposed to a midyear as well as end of year examination for the first four (4) years of the training. The fifth year will have only a final year examination.

(i) From year one (1) to four (4)
  • a. Midyear examination
  • b. End of year examination

The exam shall be written and/ oral (OSCE/vivas) as described for each course in the curriculum.

(ii) Year five (5)
  • a. End of year examination (Mixture of Internal and External Examiners). This will be exclusively oral (OSCE) as described in the curriculum.
  • b. Research presentation

The exam shall be written and/ oral (OSCE/vivas) as described for each course in the curriculum.

Course Structure

Level I Courses: Natural science courses Year 1: Term 1 and 2 S/N Course Code Course Title Hours 1 NSC 1115 Biology 176 2 NSC 1215 Chemistry 176 3 NSC 1315 Mathematics 176 4 NSC 1415 Physics 176 5 NSC 1515 Basics of Computer Science 66 Sub-Total 770

Program Co-ordinator

Dr. Bumbangi N. Flavien, MD, M.Sc
Head of Department Clinical Medicine
Eden University