About Us


At Eden University we are committed to connecting you with the right resources, from dedicated teaching staff to an excellent library with long opening hours and friendly support staff.

Further you have access to e-library 24/7- 365 days. We want you to be a success both now and the future.

We shall help you to build your skills, connect you with academics and industrial experts to prepare you for your chosen career.


The Mission of Eden University ODLD is to expand access to education by offering alternative to those qualified applicants who are unable to enroll for full time programmes, and those who - for various reasons, - prefer the convenience and ease of studying from home.

In the past decade, distance education has become an increasingly popular way for colleges to provide access to their programmes and for students to learn about topics and get degrees they might not otherwise be able to pursue, it occurs when there is a separation between the instructor and the student, usually due to geographical or time concerns that prevent the student from attending an on-campus course. These programmes have usually been specially designed to help best meet the needs and requirements that arise when learning is taking place outside of a traditional classroom setting.

Some of the programmes listed on the website are offered by Kampala International University, (KIU), in collaboration with Eden University, Lusaka, Zambia. KIU is a fully chartered university with campuses in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. In addition to being a member of the Association of African Universities, it is also a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. Those who successfully complete one of the distance learning programmes listed here, will graduate with an award from Kampala International University.

All the Distance Learning Programmes are fully available online. Each programme has its own website where students can find the required study guides, assignment workbooks, and video links related to their course. The website also provides a forum for online-discussion between students on topics set by their tutors who are all based in Zambia. Students can also correspond directly with their tutor on any issue raised in their course. For those wishing to receive their study materials via email, or on a flash drive, or printed version, they should contact the Distance Learning Office at Eden University.

Our Core Values:

  • Christian Beliefs
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Equity
  • Academic and Professional Excellence

Students are provided with study materials which include a student course file and assignment workbook. Students are expected to complete THREE modular courses per semester, although exceptions can be made.

  • The assignment workbook constitutes 20 % of the total mark for each of the courses.
  • A further 10% is earned through the degree in which a student is in contact with his or her tutor and contributes to online discussions.
  • The remaining 70% is allocated for the written exam, held at the end of each semester.
  • Normally, these exams are held in early February and late July of each year and will be conducted at the Eden University campus in Lusaka, Zambia.

  • For Eden University programmes the assessment criteria is as follows; 40% continuous assessment made up of one assignment and a test plus 3 hours final examination contributing 60% of the total marks.
  • Only those students who are duly registered by the university and fully paid-up before the end of each semester shall be allowed to sit for the final examinations.