To share with scientific community my journey in science in order to inspire others to follow the path of enquiry and research for a science-led development in order to uplift others.

PHD from University of Nairobi in 1973

M.SC from University of Missori,KC,USA in 1968

B.A from Union College,USA in 1968

Work Experience

Teaching Experience: Lecturer in Medical and veterinary entomology

University of Nairobi and Kenyatta University

Adventist university of africa

chairperson of kenya water resources authorities(2003-2007)

Research Program Leader:At International centre for Insect Phipio and ecology.1979-1994

Vice-chancellor: at University of Eastern Africa, Baraton 1994-2003

Vice-chancellor: at Rusangu University,Lusaka 2011-2015

Vice-chancellor: at Eden University,Lusaka 2016 -present

Area of Interest
  • Research vector blood decreasing(malaria,Leishmania)
  • History of science